Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Monday 27th November

This coming Monday, trainees will be taking the written exam on Snorkelling in Classroom 0.51. Try to be there at 6.30 sharp so as we can start it straight away. This will be followed by the practical test in the pool at approx. 7pm so bring your gear. It's also advisable at this stage that members begin purchasing their own gear, well the basics atleast, just to start us on the road. Renting of gear by the club will be ceaseing soon enough, and we will be hoping to begin the open water snorkels too-this is in the sea, so swimming togs won't be sufficient, at this time of year anyway! See ye all Monday night, when Gary and Graham will have some news from the CFT AGM in Athlone.

Out of air, gotta go...